Alex Woolgrave

Writer of professional pornography and occasionally erotica ("which is only pornography dressed-up nicely, anyway")

The Occasionally Spotted Woolgrave is Jules Jones' partner-in-crime and can frequently be heard shrieking across the Atlantic: “Oi, Jones, which way up are the boys at this point?”, “Trousers, what trousers?” or “That's not a POV shift—it's an experimental literary device!”

Woolgrave cannot visualise. At all...

Fortunately, Jules Jones believes in expressing one's Inner Editor, and is good about spotting completely impossible positions or characters undressing more or less than once.

In fact, Jones comes up with the plot and half of the dialogue, and Woolgrave adds regrettable knob jokes and the other half of the dialogue.

It seems to work. We think.

For (soon-to-be-re-) published stories see The Syndicate.

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